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Academic Program


Provide education on individual herbs, herbal formulas, homeopathic and spagyric remedies, therapeutic oils and other natural substances.

Recommend comprehensive naturopathic protocols (nutrition, phytotherapy, homeopathy, drainage and detoxification, etc.), taking into consideration safety issues and interaction with drug prescriptions.

Educate the patient on stress relief techniques and non invasive mind and bodywork therapies. 

Expand on the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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IWORLD UNIVERSITY NATUROPATHY.🌎 University Pan American Center of Higher Studies and World Organization of Traditional Naturopathy strategic allies for the development of plans and programs of # Naturopathy. 🍃🌎 The event was attended by Dr. Iván Fernández Suárez, International Representative of UNICEPES of # Spain, Dr. Claudio Esteve Dulin President of WOTN International, Dr. Daniel Maldonado Valdivares Vice President, DNS María Enriqueta Flores Fernández Academic Coordinator, Dr. Yolanda Ramirez General Secretary, Dr. Evelyn Esteve Com. Dir of WOTN International and Dr. Carmen Colon de Jorge Honorary President 🍃🌎


University Pan-American Studies Center - 🌐


World Organization for Traditional Naturopathy - 🌐


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